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12/27/2015-2015 Summary.

Its been 1 year and 4 days since my last post.  Kinda sounds like confession (or at least what I have seen on TV).

My goal as it has been for the last 3 years (I officially started this blog on 10/3/2011) is to post daily on this blog, to share what is going on in my life and use it as a journal to track the day to day adventures of my life as a Registered Dietitian, Health Coach in a Primary Care Practice, and my adventures as  a hobby farmer who is trying to life a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as just day to day stuff. I am also taking classes online at Capella University for Master of Public Health.

In March we made our second attempt at maple syrup, we ended up with about 3 gallons, continuing to refine our process.

We dug up and planted about an acre of food plot in our back yard,  I think the soil needs to improve the turnips grew really well, nothing else did.

I planted a small garden, hopefully it will be better next year.  I put straw and compost on it this fall and covered with a tarp.

In June we went to get tractor parts and came home with two female rabbits (Big Mamma and Houdini) to go with our two male rabbits (Batman and Robin).  We ended up with 11 baby rabbits-they do multiply  like rabbits.  We gave one to a friend, one escaped and one was a runt, who has become our pet and we named peanut.  Peanut comes in the house and hangs out with the cat and the dog.  The rest we butchered for meat.  So far the only way we have prepared it is in the crock pot.  It tasted like dry chicken.  Will have to continue working on recipes.

In June we added 12 baby chicks from Abendroth Hatchery in Waterloo, W, which were all supposed to be hens but, one crows 🙂 6 Aracana and 6 Australop, and 4 Rouen Ducks, to our chickens from last year.   Its been a rough year to be fowl at our house: We had to put down 1 rooster and 1 hen because they got hurt/ injured and wildlife got most of the rest.  Since we didn’t know we had a rooster in the chicks we got one from a friend.  The two roosters seem to be doing okay.  We have 7 hens and 2 roosters left.  We thought we had lost another one, but found her after about a week, hiding in the duck house sitting on eggs, A couple days after Thanksgiving she  hatched 3 chicks (Winken, Blinken, and Nod).

The winter in Northern Wisconsin has been so mild.  We are projected to get our first big snowfall this week, In 2014 the first big snowfall in our area was 11/10/14.

Stay Tuned…


Chickens in the yard


Winken, Blinken and Nod with mom.


Peanut helping me with my homework.


Big Mamma and her babies


chicks 06/01


Eagle when we were out kayaking in July


Baby Bunnies (couple days old)


1 st tomato out of the garden this year. (08/01)


a couple weeks worth of eggs, I love all the color variety


Our Dog Dexter.







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